Peony Rose Candle

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We have added these beautiful peony rose pillar candles to the range. They will burn for approximately 3-4 hours but the remainder can be used as a wax melt in your burners so that there is absolutely no waste.

Some people will choose to use for decorate purposes only but they can be burned, however, you MUST place on a plate or tray to protect your furniture.

We recommend the Balmoral Tray, Annabel round Plate or the ceramic Daisy Display plate to sit your candle on.


Nuance - Luxurious and creamy, a complex blend of hawthorn, tonka and vanilla and a base of coconut and rich nutty warmth

Valentina - Caramelised nutty vanilla fragrance with clove and ginger, underpinned with a warm musky cocoa. Smells exactly like a gorgeous French patisserie

Dolce Vita - Velvet amber, incense and white musk provide the base for a spicy orange aroma in this seductive scent 

Plum & Rhubarb - Just exactly what it says, only better

Daydreams - A bright fruity floral fragrance blended from notes of apple, pear, peach and sparkling lemon. There is a hint of jasmine blossom and violet on top of a base of creamy sweet vanilla.

Liberty - A dark, mysterious fragrance, with hints of exotic fruit and spicy woody elements. Very luxurious and perfect for keeping cozy after a long day at work

White Silk - Better known as a fresh linen smell, this is a powdery floral accord with violet, orange blossom along with refreshing green hints 

Safety Information

    • NEVER leaving a burning candle unattended
    • Always trim the wick before each burn
    • Do not place in a draughty area or near dogs & children
    • Let your candle achieve a full melt pool with each burn to avoid tunnelling
    • Re-centre the wick after each burn to achieve maximum life time and full hot scent throw
    • Do not burn to the very bottom of the jar - leave approx 1 cm at the end to ensue the candle vessel does not catch 

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