Hello July

I can hardly believe that it is July, can you? June was so incredibly busy for me, prepping for the RHS and then working there for 5 days. It was a fantastic experience and I met so many lovely, kind people - other stall holders as well as customers - it made the long days all worthwhile.

Since finishing there last week, I have been really busy with assessments (with my psychologists hat on) which I had not anticipated so some ideas I have had for Daisy Blue have gone on the back burner for now, until I get back from holiday. July will be really quiet for me on the blogging front and with Daisy Blue as I'm off with my family for a few weeks, but when I get back early August, it's right back into planning for Christmas (crazy, right?) and all the markets and pop-ups that I'll be doing in the lead up to it. I have a new fragrance coming out for Autumn and a change in labels too that I think you will love.

Have a great Summer and I'll see you all really soon,

Lorraine x

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