3 Best Candle Scents for Summer

I try my best to be helpful here at Daisy Blue HQ so thought I would take some time out to recommend the top 3 candle scents for Summer.

Number one is my lime and ginger candle which is fresh and clean and uplifting. A favourite for the kitchen, this candle helps to get rid of the cooking smells and keep the place smelling a-maz-ing!

Number two is our gorgeous Ocean Breeze scented candle which helps remind me of wonderful holidays by the sea, free from work and commitments, with nothing to do but eat ice-cream and build sand castles. Who doesn't want to escape to that for a while?

And number three on my list is our beautiful Vanilla Rose scented candle. This subtly blends these 2 delicate fragrances and produces a warm and comforting aroma which is perfect for burning in the garden, whilst enjoying sunny summer BBQ's.

Which one would you choose?

Lorraine x


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