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Party Season, Here I Come


OMG, how amazing is this gold fringe skirt from Anine Bing? I absolutely love it and the way it has been styled here with a big chunky knit is just heaven. This is a look I would totally wear – I just need to save up my pennies because it is a wee bit more than

Thom & Tom


Do you like tablet?  Who doesn’t, right? Well go and have a look at Thom & Tom’s new website HERE and treat yourself to something gorgeous. Thom & Tom is owned  by a wonderful lady called Diane Richardson and they offer a kitchen lifestyle brand

Me To A Tee


Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I went to bed and did not read my book. It must be over 30 years. I absolutely love reading and making the time to read a few pages of my book every night is so important to me. I love the feeling of my eyes getting

A Bit About Lorraine


Gosh I haven’t written a blog about fashion for ages and ages, since before the summer holidays I think! I don’t know why because, apart from candles and fragrances, clothes are all I think about. I lie in bed every night and think about where I am going

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