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Mothers Day Gifts


I know it’s still a month away but if you are looking for a more personalised Mother’s Day gift this year why not design your own candle with Daisy Blue. Choose your own fragrance and tell me what you want the label to say and I’ll make it especially for you. I

Stocking Up


I’ve been relieved to have a slightly slower pace this week and this has given me the opportunity to stock up on some of my fragrances that were running low. The Plum & Rhubarb scented candle completely sold out last week which was great news, but

Candle For Pregnancy


Have you ever wondered what to buy for a friend who is expecting a baby? Our Mummy-to-be scented candle is a lovely gift for just that occasion or perhaps as part of a baby shower gift-set. The fragrance is the same as our Log Fire scented candle, which is

Strawberries & Champagne


This lovely Angel’s Kiss scented candle has the fragrance strawberries and champagne and makes for the most wonderful Valentine’s Gift. So, if you are still wondering what to buy your loved one, or you just fancy one for yourself, why not choose this

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