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At long last ……


…. I am just about ready to go live with my new design and logos for Daisy Blue. I’ve been thinking and playing about with the branding and labels for nearly 4 months now but I finally have something that I am happy with. To be honest, no-one running for

Can you believe it?


This image that I put on Instagram last week got 144 likes which is the highest number of likes that I have ever got for a picture. I am constantly surprised by what images get lots of likes and which ones don’t – I cannot ¬†fathom it out at all. I mean, I don’t hate

Ocean Breeze


Who doesn’t like the smell of the sea and this beautiful Ocean Breeze scented candle tin is great if you are heading off for a few days with all the bank holiday weekends coming up in May. The perfect size to fit into your overnight case, it will keep your hotel

Where will you be ……..


…… in a year from now? Who knows, right? But I am definitely a big believer in goal setting and having something to aim for, to challenge me. I don’t always reach the goals that I set for myself, but I learn lots along the way and achieve other things that I

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