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Parma Violet Candle


I have been at a few pop-ups over the last couple of weeks and my Parma Violet Scented Candle has been a surprise favourite. Since I introduced the Plum and Rhubarb scented candle, it has really been selling well with my customers but yesterday in

Bath Foam & Hand Wash


After a lot of hard work, phone calls, mixing, testing and bathing we are at last ready to launch our gorgeous new bath foams and hand washes this month. My family has literally never been so clean! We’ve had more baths in the last month than probably the



…… as off duty as you can be when you are running your own businesses. It’s my birthday today so I am taking the day off (with the exception of social media posts to keep the people who run FB and IG happy) and heading out for some good food, cocktails

At long last ……


…. I am just about ready to go live with my new design and logos for Daisy Blue. I’ve been thinking and playing about with the branding and labels for nearly 4 months now but I finally have something that I am happy with. To be honest, no-one running for

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