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I am starting a new hashtag – #nosuchthingastoomanycandles . Often when I am out at craft fairs or selling Daisy Blue direct to my customers, ladies in particular will say to me ‘Oh I’ve already got too many candles’. As though buying something beautiful for

Lime & Ginger Reed Diffuser


As I write this I am sitting in the garden on my decking with my Lime & Ginger reed diffuser beside me and the fragrance is simply divine. This scent is my best seller and it is also my personal favourite. The wonderful thing about reeds is that when you

What’s On My List?


I know that people struggle a lot with time management and planning but, to be honest, this is not something that I have ever found particularly difficult. Obviously there are time when I am busier than others and I can get a little bit stressed, but, overall I

Apple & Mint Scented Candle


One of our most popular scented candles over the spring and summer months is the Apple & Wild Mint candle. I am lucky enough to have a few apple trees in ┬ámy back garden and as the summer progresses, the apples become really ripe and fall off – which

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