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Candles for Valentine’s Day


Why not design your own special Valentine’s Day candle for that special someone in your life? Go to the ‘Design Your Own Label’ candle on the website, choose your fragrance and then tell us what you want the label to say. Alternatively you can buy one of the

A Special Gift


If you are looking for something little bit different to give as a housewarming gift or maybe an Anniversary or birthday gift, why not try one of our gorgeous concrete candle range. They are different to the majority of candles you can purchase just now on the

Log Fire Scented Candle


At this time of the year our Log Fire scented candle is an ideal gift idea. Maybe you have been invited for supper to a friends house or someone you know has a January birthday? This candle is so warm and inviting, it is the perfect antidote to the cold, miserable

Changes Abound


There are a million things going through my head just now about how I want to develop Daisy Blue. After some feedback from trusted friends and colleagues I have been thinking about re-designing the logo, changing the label suppliers to give me additional

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