Graceful By Clare Candle

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Picture a beautiful beach, just as the sun is about to set, cozied up with family or a loved one on a blanket, the feelings of tranquility and the strength of love surrounding you all. Well, this is exactly how I feel and how I want you to feel when you try this scent. Graceful is named after my daughter. This fruity, playful scent is the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity all wrapped into one.

This fragrance is a wonderful combination of Bergamot, Lemon and Grapefruit blended with undertones of Amber and Jasmine, finished with a heady base of Musk, Sandal and Amber.

The stunning matt White  Vogue  jar is filled with 330 grams of premium wax and high quality fragrance. The candles burn all the way to the bottom of the jar so that no wax is wasted. Daisy Blue personally ensure that all our products are of the highest quality by making each one individually by hand.