Log Fire Scented Candle

Log Fire Scented Candle

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Our log fire inspired scented candle is blended with rich coco beans, amber spice and cedar for a warm and comforting scent inspired by winter nights. This is one of the more subtle fragrances in our range.

“Just think of drinking creamy hot chocolate as the rain and wind rages and blusters outside while the glow and scent of burning logs fills the room and your senses.” 

Sensuous and lightly smoky with a subtle hint of cocoa, this fragrance’s notes of freshly-chopped wood take you to cosy, darkened cabins lit by flickering firelight and crackling campfires puffing smoke against starry skies. Simply light it, sit back, and let yourself drift away.

Our candles burn all the way to the bottom of the jar so that no wax is wasted. Daisy Blue only use the finest fragrance and raw materials and we personally ensure that all our products are of the highest quality by making each one individually by hand.

Choose from a classic 20 cl or 30 cl white glass jar in a white presentation box or a chic silver lid for the larger jar. The large jar will burn for approximately 45 hours and the small jar for 25-30 hours.

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