Ruben Reed Diffuser - 250 ml

Ruben Reed Diffuser - 250 ml

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**Please Note - this product does not come boxed

Our Ruben Reed Diffuser now comes in the glorious 250 ml bottle with 10 reeds.

Elegant and effortless, our reed diffusers combine the highest-quality oils with our range of bespoke scents and are a subtle way to softly fragrance your home all day.

Ideal for busy families, scent diffusers thrive in the heart of the home, in kitchens, hallways, and living rooms, where passing bodies will encourage the fragrance to flow. Presented in a gorgeous bottle, our 100ml diffusers will softly fragrance your home for around six months and comes with 10 black fibre reeds.

Daisy Blue diffusers make an ideal gift for a friend, a thank you to someone special or simply as an enhancement to your home. Our classic and simple designs ensure that they fit seamlessly into any room, enhancing the atmosphere and ensuring a welcoming aura.

PLEASE NOTE - do not place the diffuser directly onto polished , painted, plastic or leather surfaces. If spilled on these types of surfaces the base oil can destroy/strip paint, polish or material. If spilled, please wear gloves to clean and avoid getting the liquid on your skin.

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