LUXE Floor Scent

LUXE Floor Scent

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A brand new product for the LUXE home range - shake & go floor scent. Simply sprinkle some of our exclusive powder over your carpet, rug, fabrics, mattresses etc, leave for 30 minutes then vacuum up! It's that easy! Our powder is very fine and highly fragranced and is guaranteed to give you the scent you are searching for in your home!

Available in Jennifer's 2 beautiful candle scents

Please check your filter regularly when using our floor scent as we will not  accept liability for damage to vacuums caused by misuse. We recommend that you always conduct a  patch test before use. We have Safety Data Sheets available on request.

Not harmful to pets once hoovered up - pets MUST NOT eat or ingest the powder.

Bag size - 750 grams

Shaker bottle not included.