Cinnamon & Orange Scented Candle

Cinnamon & Orange Scented Candle

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This handmade cinnamon scented candle is infused with subtle spices and orange extract, creating a warm and aromatic scent.

“Can you imagine the scent of freshly squeezed orange, with it’s energy and strength, the goodness and vitality? Now visualise some sticks of warming, comforting cinnamon. The combination of these two scents creates a powerful fragrance that will create a welcoming environment in your lovely home as you entertain guests or simply help focus your mind as you relax and reflect at dusk.” 

This vibrant fragrance, inspired by the sharp, tangy notes of freshly-squeezed orange juice and spicy, sweet cinnamon baking, conjures sun-drenched mornings and long, relaxing breakfasts with a scent that is uplifting yet comforting; zesty yet warming.

Our candles burn all the way to the bottom of the jar/tin so that no wax is wasted. Daisy Blue only use the finest fragrance and raw materials and we personally ensure that all our products are of the highest quality by making each one individually by hand.

Choose from a classic 30 cl glass jar with either a white presentation box or a chic silver lid or a modern silver 20 cl travel tin. The jar will burn for approximately 45 hours and the tin for 25 hours.