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Blog Ideas……Any Suggestions?


You have no idea how hard it is thinking of things to write every couple of days for this blog. Well, maybe you do if you write your own blog. The whole point of the blog is so that you guys can come on this journey with me, as I try to build Daisy Blue into a

Party Season, Here I Come


OMG, how amazing is this gold fringe skirt from Anine Bing? I absolutely love it and the way it has been styled here with a big chunky knit is just heaven. This is a look I would totally wear – I just need to save up my pennies because it is a wee bit more than

Thom & Tom


Do you like tablet?  Who doesn’t, right? Well go and have a look at Thom & Tom’s new website HERE and treat yourself to something gorgeous. Thom & Tom is owned  by a wonderful lady called Diane Richardson and they offer a kitchen lifestyle brand

Me To A Tee


Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I went to bed and did not read my book. It must be over 30 years. I absolutely love reading and making the time to read a few pages of my book every night is so important to me. I love the feeling of my eyes getting

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